2019 ehren wir Dieter Wohlfahrt

In the 30th year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we honor Dieter Wohlfahrt. After failing to attend high school in the GDR, Dieter studied in West Berlin and commutes between the sectors. After the border was closed, he stayed in West Berlin and joined the student escape aid group around Dieter Thieme and Bodo Köhler while he was still studying chemistry at the TU Berlin. He helps former classmates, relatives and friends to escape from the GDR through sewers in the first few weeks. His Austrian passport helps him to commute between the borders. As a „cover man“ he travels to East Berlin and unobtrusively opens the cover of the sewer system for the refugees.

On December 9th, 1961 he went to Staaken with Elke C., Karl-Heinz Albert and another friend to enable Elke C.’s mother to escape. Dieter Wohlfahrt cuts open the border fence with a bolt cutter when Ms. C. approaches them from the east and calls for her daughter. Shortly afterwards, the GDR border guards started shooting. Karl-Heinz Albert managed to come back to the West. Dieter Wohlfahrt collapses and remains motionless at the border. Rescue attempts by the West Berlin police and the British military police are stopped by the GDR border guards by force of arms. He gets no help from the east. He remains motionless at the border for over an hour without giving another sign of life. Then he is taken away.


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