Announcement for „100MeilenBerlin – Berlin Wall Race 2023“

Race Date:

August 12-13, 2023

Race Patron:

Rainer Eppelmann, former East German Human Rights Activist and Chairman of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the East German Dictatorship.


Langstreckenlauf-Gemeinschaft Mauerweg Berlin e.V.
Stettiner Straße 30, 13357 Berlin
Club Chairman: Olaf Ilk


The Berlin Wall Trail is mostly paved and smooth, but it also includes areas with broken concrete, sand trails, stones, and roots which may create some uneven surfaces.
The route includes busy, public roads. Participants are expected to follow the local traffic regulations.

Each year, the direction of the race changes. The 2023 race will be run clockwise.


100 Miles – Measured by GPS and verified by the Race Organizer.

Route marking:

The route is marked out by an experienced and competent marking team with chalk-based spray paint, signs and barricade tape as well as reflective arrows for night time.

Having said that, we cannot guarantee that the route is so well-marked that it would be impossible to lose your way. In particular, after dark, or in the event of heavy rainfall or other unfavorable weather conditions, the marking may disappear, be covered or not visible or recognizable in sufficient time.

In addition, the organizer will provide the GPS file for the route, which can be downloaded from the website (approx. one month before the run, short-term changes due to construction sites are possible). It is recommended to take a GPS device with you for orientation.

A (willful) removal of the markings by third parties cannot be ruled out by the organizer. Immediately after the time limit has expired, the trail markings are dismantled in sections by the final runners. The route is therefore no longer marked after the time limit has expired.

Start and Finish:

Start and Finish are both located in the Erika-Hess-Stadium, Müllerstrasse 185 in Berlin, 13353.

There is NO capacity for parking at the stadium. Race participants and their supporters are strongly recommended to use public transportation to reach the stadium. The start number serves as a ticket to allow the participant to use public transportation on the race days.

Start Time and Cut-Off Times:

Individual Runners
Start Time: August 12, 2023, 6:00 am
Cut-Off Time: August 13, 2023, 12:00 noon
The time limit is 30 hours.

2 Person Relay Teams
Start Time: August 12, 2023, 7:00 am
Cut-Off Time: August 13, 2023, 10:00 am
The time limit is 27 hours.

4 Person Relay Teams
Start Time: August 12, 2023, 7:30 am
Cut-Off Time: August 13, 2023, 10:00 am
The time limit is 26 hours and 30 minutes.

10 plus Relay Teams
Start Time: August 12, 2023, 8:00 am
Cut-Off Time: August 13, 2023, 10:00 am
The time limit is 26 hours.

Refreshment Stations (VP):

There are 26 refreshment stations located every 5-9 kilometers along the route. The refreshment stations provide a variety of food and drinks that are suitable for runners.
The organizer aims to provide food and drinks rich in variety.

All plastic cups and trash must be disposed of at the refreshment stations. Littering is not allowed.

Control Points (CP), Bag Drop and Relay Exchanges:

There are three midpoints where bags can be dropped off and where relay exchanges take place (exception: 10+ relay).
The midpoints are as follows:

  • Midpoint 1 – Sportplatz Teltow (at the 56km mark approximately)
  • Midpoint 2 – Schloss Sacrow (at the 87km mark approximately)
  • Midpoint 3 – Ruderclub Oberhavel (at the 124km mark approximately)

The relay teams exchange as follows:

  • 2 person relay teams:
    • runner 1 from start to Schloss Sacrow (Midpoint 2 – approximately 87 k)
    • runner 2 from Schloss Sacrow to Finish (approximately 74 k)
  • 4 people relay teams:
    • runner 1 from start to Sportplatz Teltow (Midpoint 1 – approximately 56 k),
    • runner 2 from Sportplatz Teltow to Schloss Sacrow (Midpoint 2 – approximately 32 k),
    • runner 3 from Schloss Sacrow to Ruderclub Oberhavel (Midpoint 3 – approximately 37 k),
    • runner 4 from Ruderclub Oberhavel to finish (approximately 37 k).
  • 10+-relay teams: The 10+-relay teams can exchange at any aid station!

Time Measurement:

Time measurement is done by a special transponder technology offered by Race Result Germany. Split times are recorded electronically at each refreshment station and – if the connection allows – the split times are automatically posted online. Each refreshment station is also a control point and has a cut-off time. The cut-off times are listed in the table below. Participants (individual and relay runners) who do not leave the aid stations by the indicated cut-off times are pulled out of the race and are not able to officially finish the race.

Table of Time Limits:


Aid station/Midpoint Km Individual runners 2 person relay teams 4 person relay teams 10+ relay teams
VP 1 – Checkpoint Charlie 5,7 07:00 am (01:00 h) 07:57 am (00:57 h) 08:26 am (00:56 h) 08:55 am (00:55 h)
VP 2 – EastSideGallery 10,4 07:50 am (01:50 h) 08:45 am (01:45 h) 09:12 am (01:42 h) 09:40 am (01:40h)
VP 3 – Dammweg 16,2 08:51 am (02:51 h) 09:43 am (02:43 h) 10:10 am (02:40 h) 10:37 am (02:37 h)
VP 4 – Johannisthaler Chaussee 21,9 09:51 am (03:51 h) 10:40 am (03:40 h) 11:06 am (03:36 h) 11:32 am (03:32 h)
VP 5 – Imbiss “Am Ziel” 28,5 11:00 am (05:00 h) 11:46 am (04:46 h) 12:11 pm (04:41 h) 12:36 pm (04:36 h)
VP 6 – Buckow 35,9 12:18 pm (06:18 h) 01:01 pm (06:01 h) 01:24 pm (05:54 h) 01:47 pm (05:47 h)
VP 7 – Ninas Eltern 43,3 01:36 pm (07:36 h) 02:15 pm (07:15 h) 02:37 pm (07:07 h) 02:59 pm (06:59 h)
VP 8 – Osdorfer Straße 49,6 02:42 pm (08:42 h) 03:18 pm (08:18 h) 03:39 pm (08:09 h) 04:00 pm (08:00 h)
VP 9/WP 1 – Sportplatz Teltow 56,1 03:51 pm (09:51 h) 04:23 pm (09:23 h) 04:43 pm (09:13 h) 05:03 pm (09:03 h)
VP 10 – Königsweg 62,3 05:01 pm (11:01 h) 05:26 pm (10:26 h) 05:44 pm (10:14 h) 06:03 pm (10:03 h)
VP 11 – Gedenkstätte Griebnitzsee 69,2 06:18 pm (12:18 h) 06:35 pm (11:35 h) 06:52 pm (11:22 h) 07:10 pm (11:10 h)
VP 12 – Brauhaus Meierei 75,9 07:34 pm (13:34 h) 07:43 pm (12:43 h) 07:58 pm (12:28 h) 08:14 pm (12:14 h)
VP 13 – Revierförsterei Krampnitz 81,5 08:36 pm (14:36 h) 08:39 pm (13:39 h) 08:54 pm (13:24 h) 09:09 pm (13:09 h)
VP 14/WP 2 – Schloss Sacrow 87,8 09:47 pm (15:47 h) 09:42 pm (14:42 h) 09:55 pm (14:25 h) 10:10 pm (14:10 h)
VP 15 – Pagel & Friends 95,4 11:13 pm (17:13 h) 10:59 pm (15:59 h) 11:10 pm (15:40 h) 11:23 pm (15:23 h)
VP 16 – Karolinenhöhe 100,4 00:09 am (18:09 h) 11:49 pm (16:49 h) 11:59 pm(16:29 h) 00:12 am (16:12 h)
VP 17 – Falkenseer Chaussee 106,9 01:22 am (19:22 h) 00:54 am (17:54 h) 01:03 am (17:33 h) 01:14 am (17:14 h)
VP 18 – Schönwalde 112,5 02:25 am (20:25 h) 01:51 am (18:51 h) 01:58 am (18:28 h) 02:09 am (18:09 h)
VP 19 – Grenzturm Nieder Neuendorf 120,0 03:49 am (21:49 h) 03:06 am (20:06 h) 03:12 am (19:42 h) 03:21 am (19:21 h)
VP 20/WP 3 – Ruderclub Oberhavel 124,7 04:42 am (22:42 h) 03:53 am (20:53 h) 03:58 am (20:28 h) 04:07 am (20:07 h)
VP 21 – Frohnau 130,1 05:48 am (23:48 h) 04:48 am (21:48 h) 04:52 am (21:22 h) 04:59 am (20:59 h)
VP 22 – Naturschutzturm 135,3 06:49 am (24:49 h) 05:40 am (22:40 h) 05:43 am (22:13 h) 05:49 am (21:49 h)
VP 23 – Oranienburger Chaussee 139,8 07:43 am (25:43 h) 06:25 am (23:25 h) 06:27 am (22:57 h) 06:33 am (22:33 h)
VP 24 – Lübars 145,3 08:49 am (26:49 h) 07:20 am (24:20 h) 07:22 am (23:52 h) 07:26 am (23:26 h)
VP 25 – Bahnhof Wilhelmsruh 151,0 09:58 am (27:58 h) 08:18 am (25:18 h) 08:17 am (24:47 h) 08:21 am (24:21 h)
VP 26 – Mauerpark 156,8 11:07 am (29:07 h) 09:16 am (26:16 h) 09:15 am (25:45 h) 09:17 am (25:17 h)
Ziel – Erika-Hess-Stadion 161,3 12:00 pm (30:00 h) 10:00 am (27:00 h) 10:00 am (26:30 h) 10:00 am (26:00 h)

Mandatory Equipment:

During the race, every participant, both individual runners and relay team members, must carry a fully functional, switched on mobile phone with them.The phone number must be entered in the online registration (for the relay teams, only the mobile number of the team captain is required). A change of phone number must be notified at the latest at the bib pickup (11 August 2023).

To help minimize the environmental impact, participants must carry their own collapsible cup with them.

Runners and their bicycle companions who are on the course between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am or when it is otherwise dark are required to use a head lamp and a reflective vest or shoulder strap. It is also mandatory to carry a rescue blanket (gold foil) with them. Bringing an extra lamp as well as additional batteries is recommended.

It is recommended that every runner carries at least 0.5 liters of water with them. In case of extreme weather conditions, the Race Director can make this mandatory.

The organiser reserves the right to check the mandatory equipment during the race.

Rule Violations:

Rule violations may result in warnings, time penalties or disqualifications. Rule violations include for example, unsportsmanlike conduct, short-cutting, use of vehicles, change of bib number, traffic offences, littering or insulting volunteers and race officials. The use of headphones before AS 7 (Ninas Eltern) and after AS 22 (Naturschutzturm) is not allowed and can result in disqualification.

Failure to carry the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification in any case.

The use of Nordic walking poles as well as bringing a dog on a leash is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

Medical Certificate:

A medical certificate, obtained no more than 12 months prior to the day of the event, is mandatory for individual runners and must be presented at the bib pick-up. The certificate must state in writing that the participant is medically capable of running a distance of 100 miles. It must include the signature and a seal or stamp (clearly recognizable) of a licensed physician. A physician participating in the race may not self-certify. An individual runner will not be admitted to the race without a medical certificate.
We recommend the form of the German Ultramarathon Federation which you can download HERE.

Bicycle and Running Companions:

Bicycle or running support is possible after CP 1 (Sportplatz Teltow, at approximately the 56 k mark) for both individual runners and relay teams. Companions are not allowed to position themselves in front of participants due to a wind protection effect. Each participant is limited to one companion. Other runners or road traffic must not be impeded or jeopardized by the companion. The companion must be registered (see registration).

Bicycle or running support in front of CP 1 (Sportplatz Teltow) is a violation of the rules and can lead to disqualification. This also includes any kind of support (e.g. providing drinks and/or food) – whether on the route or at an aid station.

Act of nature / Covid 19:

In case the race must be cancelled due to an act of nature or a serious health risk such as a pandemic, the starting place may either be transferred to the following year or a refund of the registration cost may be requested, minus a 30% fee to cover organizing expenses.

Should the race be cancelled or shortened once it has begun due to an act of nature, then no refund of the registration fee is possible.

Liability Disclaimer:

The participant of the Berlin Wall Race agrees with exempting the organiser, the organiser’s representatives, organs and agents from liability and financial compensation in case of damages and injuries of any kind that occur related to the event execution. The limitation of liability does not account for damages that are caused intentionally or grossly negligent and also not for damages as injury to life, body or health that are caused by neglect of duty of the organiser, employees, representatives, organs or agents. The limitation of liability further does not account for damages based on cardinal duty. So far as the liability of the organiser is limited as stated in the above paragraph, this also accounts for the personal liability of employees, representatives, organs and agents of the organiser.
This liability disclaimer also accounts for the sponsors of the event, the organisers and the owners/proprietors/tenants of private paths and land. Furthermore, the participant acknowledges that the organizer, the organizer’s representatives and agents do not have to avow for damages that are caused by other participants. Instead, the participants are liable to each other for intentional and grossly negligent damages. Liability is in such cases also limited to intent or gross negligence. As far as there is no accusation of neglect of duty, the claim to compensation is limited to the cause and extent of the predictable, typical occuring damage. The organizer assumes no liability for coffered items of the participant.

There is no claim to forwarding of drop bags and finds that have not been picked up after the end of the award ceremony. These will be disposed 14 days after the event.

Event Photos and Videos

During the event, photographs and video recordings of participants are allowed to be taken. These may be used for editorial and advertising purposes by the organizing club LG Mauerweg Berlin free of charge and without temporal restriction. By submitting the registration form, participants agree to these conditions.


Registration Open:

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 06:57 pm (CET)

Digression to 9 November 1989: GDR press conference on new travel regulations
6:00 pm: Press conference starts with 150 journalists
6:00-6:40 pm: Report by Günter Schabowski about travel facilities
6:53 pm: The journalist Riccardo Ehrman asks: “Isn’t the draft law on travel that has been published in recent days an error?” Schabowksi stumbles, the journalists listen attentively when he speaks: “… we decided to create a regulation that allows all GDR citizens to leave the country at all border crossings.” Only then, Schabowski reads out the draft which has been handed to Schabowski by Egon Krenz and Schabowski declares freedom to travel. The “Bild”-reporter Peter Brinkmann requests when the regulation will come into effect. Schabowski: “As far as I know, this is immediately effective.”
6:57pm: East-Berlin at the border crossing Bornholmer Straße: Stasi-Lieutenant-Colonel Harald Jäger is following the press conference in the canteen. “This is bullshit”, he says. Few minutes later, the first GDR citizens are waiting at the border crossing.

Registration can be completed online via our partner race result germany.

Link for registration

The registration covers the start entry. Any additional orders (companion, participants increase for the 10+ teams) as well as booking the 100Miles-Buffet can be made between 1 June and 31 July 2023 (see below).

Registration Close:

Registration closes as soon as the participant limit is reached, but at the latest on Friday, 31 March 2023 at midnight.

Participation Limit:

For individual runners, there are 555 entries available.

For relays, there are 170 entries available as follows:

  • 40 entries for 2-person relay teams
  • 75 entries for 4-person relay teams
  • 55 entries for 10-plus relay teams

In individual cases, the Race Director can grant wildcards to individual runners and relay teams.

Waiting List – 2nd Chance:

If the participation limit is reached, registration will be closed. There is NO waiting list. All interested runners have a second chance for registration on 4 April 2023. At 7 pm (CET), we re-open registration and allocate those slots that have been withdrawn.

Entry Fees:

Individual runners: 199,00 €

The entry fee covers the administrative and operational costs of the event (e.g. preparation of the event, official authorisations, time measurement, medical service, course marking), the 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before the race (booking a time slot required), race catering, drop bag transport, final meal in the stadium, a finisher shirt, medal and race certificate (for download).
Individual runners who have successfully finished the race within the time limit in 2022 and 2023, will receive a back-to-back medal. Individual runners who successfully finish the race within 24 hours, receive a 100-miles-buckle.

2 person relay: 219,00 €

The entry fee covers the administrative and operational costs of the event (e.g. preparation of the event, official authorisations, time measurement, medical service, course marking), the 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before the race (booking a time slot required), race catering, drop bag transport, final meal in the stadium, medals and race certificates (for download).

4 person relay: 259,00 €

The entry fee covers the administrative and operational costs of the event (e.g. preparation of the event, official authorisations, time measurement, medical service, course marking), the 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before the race (booking a time slot required), race catering, drop bag transport, final meal in the stadium, medals and race certificates (for download).

10+ person relay: 359,00 €

The entry fee covers the administrative and operational costs of the event (e.g. preparation of the event, official authorisations, time measurement, medical service, course marking), the 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before the race (booking a time slot required), race catering, final meal in the stadium, medals and race certificates (for download).

Additional Orders:

Additional orders can be made between 1 June and 31 July 2023 via a personalised link that we email to you beforehand.

  • Companion: 50,00 €
    The fee for the companion includes the costs for participation in the 100-Miles-Buffet on thee evening before the race (booking a time slot required), race catering, as well as the final meal in the stadium. The companions also receive a t-shirt (at the bib pick-up).
  • Runner Increase of a 10+ relay team: 25,00 €
    Each 10+ relay team can increase their team by up to 27 runners. With the 11th runner a fee of 25,00 € must be paid. This fee includes the costs for the 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before the race (booking a time slot required), breakfast in the stadium, race catering, the final meal in the stadium, medals and race certificates (for download).
  • 100Miles-Buffet on the evening before race: 0,00 €
    Booking a time slot for the 100Mile Buffet is mandatory. Once a time slot has been booked, it cannot be changed. The booked time slot is stored in the list of participants. The buffet can be booked for a maximum of 4 runners plus any registered companion(s)! 10Plus relays who would like to take part in the buffet with several people, please send an email ( and we will try to find enough places in a time slot.

Note for all relay teams:

All relay teams must supply the names and the starting order of their runners by 31 July 2023 via this link (see above).

Relay shirts will no longer be pre-ordered. These can be purchased for 25€ each at the bib collection or after completion of the race in the finish area.

Payment Information:

Participants from Germany agree with their registration to enter the SEPA-Direct Debit Procedure. The entry fee will be debited from the account within 7 days after the registration. International participants directly pay via paypal or with credit card via paypal (without a paypal account).

The organiser reserves the right to reject individual runners from the race without giving reasons. In such a case, a paid entry fee will be immediately reimbursed.

Withdrawal from the Start List:

Withdrawal from the race prior to 31 March 2023 will result in a refund of 70% of the entry fee. Withdrawal must be communicated via email (

We ask for your understanding that we are not able to reimburse the start fee after 1 April 2023, due to the intensive logistical and organizational efforts demanded by the race. We therefore strongly recommend taking out cancelation insurance.

Transfer of an Individual Starting Place:

If a participant has to withdraw from his starting slot after 31 March 2023, he can transfer his entry to another person until 31 July 2023. Please inform the registration team via email ( A processing fee of 30,00 € is payable.

We offer a starting place exchange on Facebook.

Changing the team captain also represents a transfer of the starting place.

A transfer of entry to the following year is NOT possible.

Late Registration:

Late registration is possible on 11 August 2023 at the bib pick-up between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm. Only cash payment is possible (10,00 € additional processing fee).

  1. Late registration is possible in the following cases:
    • Registration of an individual runner if the participants limit is not reached (209,00 €).
    • Registration of a full relay team if the participants limit is not reached (229,00 €, 269,00 €, 369,00 €).
    • Transfer of entry to another person or relay team, respectively (40,00 €)
  2. Additional orders are possible in the following cases:
    • Registration of a companion for individual  and relay runners (60,00 €). The shirt for the companion is only available while supplies last.
    • Increase of the 10+relay team runners (25,00 € per additional participant + 10,00 € processing fee per team)
    • Change of runner names and/or starting order (10,00 €).
    • Participation in the 100Mile Buffet for a relative – neither a participant nor a companion (25 €).

(Changes reserved)

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