It’s all a matter of preparation…

Dear runners, August is fast approaching and we are sure your feet are already tingling. Good preparation not only includes training, but also perfect planning for the mind and body. You will receive an email by June 1st with a link for all additional orders that must be sent to us by July 31st, 2023. If necessary, please also check your spam folder.

The most important information that you should discuss with your team or companions in advance can be found here:

A great mental support for the runners is of course the (bicycle) companion, you will need to book a place for them, which costs 50 euros per person including a shirt. A maximum of two companions can be booked per runner. Please remember that cyclists or runners can only accompany you from change point 1 (Teltow sports field, approx. 56 km) onwards. Having a companion before this changeover point 1 (Teltow sports field) is a violation of the rules and can lead to disqualification. This also includes any kind of support (e.g., providing drinks and/or food) – whether along the route or at an aid station.

It is the perfect motivation for the relay runners when they have put together a great team that is actually or mentally involved in every training session. If you want to expand a 10+ relay, this is possible for up to 27 runners, from the 11th runner onwards each place costs 25 euros. Please let us know the names of all relay participants in the form so that they appear correctly on the certificate later. A relay team can also register a (bicycle) companion, the same conditions apply here as for the individual runners. Only the team captain is responsible for the registration and payment, so only he/she will receive the corresponding email.

Relay shirts do not have to be pre-ordered but can be purchased where the start numbers are issued or in the finish area in the Erika Hess Stadium at the merchandise stand.

After the strenuous training of the last few weeks, your body will certainly be happy about a proper “carbo-loading” opportunity with good company. You can use the form to book the time for the pasta party on Friday evening. Important: For organizational reasons, a maximum of 4 runners per relay can be booked for the same time slot of the pasta party (plus booked companions). If you want to come with more people, please write to

It is important to note that the time window and the number of participants for the pasta party cannot be changed afterwards, so you should agree beforehand when you would like to come to the meal.

Now nothing stands in the way of your perfect preparation – we look forward to seeing you!

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