Newsletter 04 / 2018

Dear Runners,

it’s less than 2 weeks until the start of this year’s 100 Miles Berlin Race. The organizing team is running hot and that is not due to the hot weather.

Course Update and Roadbook

Unfortunately, as almost every year, we had to change small parts of the course on short notice. The updated GPS-track is available at There, you can also see the final course changes.

Our Course Team has created a roadbook with detailed information about the course. You can download the roadbook from our website (Direktlink Roadbook)

Information on the Award Ceremony

For all participants, our award ceremony will be held this year on Sunday, 12.08.2018. Any runner, individual or relay, is honored and receives a deed and medal.

The award ceremony for the relay teams takes place from 12:00 to 13:30, the award ceremony for the individual runners from 14:00 to 15:30 at the H4 Hotel at Alexanderplatz.

IMPORTANT: Please notice that we can’t deliver or send deeds and medals before or after the award ceremony.

Activity in Memory of Jörg Hartmann

We also want to draw your attention to an action that is very important to us. As you may know, this year we are commemorating the youngest wall-victim, Jörg Hartmann. We would be happy if you all participate in our action in memory of Jörg: every runner is asked to donate and lay down a toy on Jörg’s memorial. The toys are then collected from us and handed over to the Johanniter.

Of course, you do not have to carry the toys up to Jörg’s memorial while running, but can deliver them at the numbers pickup. We’ll transport the toys to Jörg’s memorial and you can lay down your toy there.

All relay runners are also called to donate a toy, even if they do not pass through Jörg’s memorial while running.

Information for the bike support

Our Bike Team has created a comprehensive flyer for the bike support. This flyer contains the important information on how and when you can get to Teltow, the place from which the bike support starts. You can download this flyer from our website: Flyer Radbegleitung ab Teltow

Good luck for the last training sessions!

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