Is the course marked?

Yes. The entire course is marked with arrows spray painted on the ground. Turning is announced with special arrows approx. 50 to 100 meters in advance and marked accordingly at the turning point. The details will be explained at the briefing on the day before the run.

Can I get lost?

We’ll be spraying an arrow at least every 300 to 400 meters. So, if you haven’t seen an arrow after 500m at the latest, you should turn around and run back until you find one again. You can also download the course as a gpx file from our website.

What is the course like?

You’ll encounter a variety of surfaces and surroundings throughout the course. There are large sections of public roads for which the road traffic regulations must be strictly observed. There are paved and unpaved sections through fields and forest with sand trails, stones and roots creating some bumpy and uneven surfaces. However, special trail shoes are not necessary.

Are there special meals on the course?

We have 26 refreshment points (VPs) at intervals of 5 to 9 km along the course. At the first two VPs there is a selection of drinks, from the third VP onwards there are some types of food available. At the subsequent VPs, we will offer a selection of high-quality runner-specific foods, (regional where possible) that are also vegan-friendly. At some VPs, there are even specialties on offer, which reflect that section of the route.

Are there toilets along the course?

Toilets are available at every VP, some will have fixed facilities and most will have portable toilets.

Can my companion use a racing bike?

No. The route is not always suitable for racing bikes. It doesn’t have to be a mountain bike, but a good touring or trekking bike is recommended.

Can I use Nordic walking sticks?

No, Nordic walking sticks are not permitted

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