What’s going on here?

At first glance, only details are recognized: a leg, a neck, a colorful wing… and
only parts of a sentence. This is also how it often appears to us in times like these where orientation
and perspective seem difficult.

The artist Ursula Wunsch has created the motif on the t-shirts for this year’s Berlin Wall Run, a
fantasy creature made of different animals titled “Peace for Everything”, which she dedicates to the
children of the world. No one gets ahead on their own, everyone complements and protects each
other. Just a wishful dream captured at the East Side Gallery? More information about the artist can
be found at https://www.eastsidegalleryexhibition.com/artworks/wuensch-frieden-fur-alles.

This year, the individual runners will pass the East Side Gallery around the 10-kilometer mark –
perhaps an opportunity to pause for a moment and think with a (still) clear head about how much we
all depend on each other and our environment. Maybe your contribution to peace is also only a small
fragment – but it’s still important!

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