Get ready!

We are very pleased to announce that – as things stand today – the 9th Berlin 100 Miles will take place on 14/15 August 2021. The infection rate in Germany and Berlin is currently at a very low level. Fingers crossed that it remains as such!!

Nonetheless, rather strict Corona-related restrictions are still in place in some areas, especially for indoor settings. That also applies for the H4 Hotel at Alexanderplatz. For that reason, some of the very established parts of the event programme cannot take place as usual.

Bib distribution and pasta party at the hotel:

To access the bib distribution and the pasta party, you are required to present a negative Corona test (Antigen) taken at the same day (you will find a test station next to the hotel where you can get tested for free and without appointment).

If you are fully vaccinated (= at least 15 days after your final vaccination with a vaccine approved in the EU) or you are recovered (adequate proof, not older than 6 months, needed), you don’t need to show a negative test.

Due to the applicable distancing and hygiene rules as well as restrictions of number of persons, the booking of a time slot is mandatory for the collection of the bib AND the pasta party.

The booked time slots are stored in the participant list.

Please note:

The booking for the Pasta Party is only possible for a maximum of 4 people at once! If you want to join the Pasta Party with more people (10+ relay teams), please write us an email and we will try to find enough places in one time slot.

Unfortunately, only 200 people can take part in the Pasta Party per time slot and we can only offer 6 time slots, as the hotel staff needs 45 minutes between time slots to disinfect and prepare the room.

Bib distribution in the stadium:

In order to relax the situation at the H4 hotel, this year we will make an exception and also organise a bib distribution on Saturday, 14 August 2021 before the start right at the stadium. You will be able to pick up your bib there from 4am to 7.30 am.

A negative Corona test (Antigen) no more than 24 hours old is required to enter the stadium. If you are fully vaccinated (= at least 15 days after your final vaccination with a vaccine approved in the EU) or you are recovered (adequate proof, not older than 6 months, needed), you don’t need to show a negative test.

If you decide to pick up your bib at the stadium, you do NOT have to book a time slot for bib collection via the link previously mentioned.

Briefing at the hotel:

We will offer four briefings – in German and English. This year, personal attendance is only compulsory for participants who are taking part in the Berlin 100 Miles for the first time. Due to distancing and hygiene rules, only 150 people can attend each briefing. A time slot booking is not required for this.

The briefings will be streamed online and you can also watch them later on YouTube. We will provide links to the recordings on our website www.100meilen.deon Friday 13 August 2021.

Participation in the race:

Following the requirements of the health department in charge and the applicable hygiene regulations, the following conditions apply to participate in the Berlin 100 Miles.

Every participant – please note: this also applies for everyone who accompanies a runner (on a bike) – needs:

  • A negative Corona test (Antigen) that is not older than 24 hours at the time of your start (to present before the start at the stadium when entering) – fully vaccinated (as detailed above) or recovered (as detailed above) is considered sufficient
  • Fully completed contact information sheet – the information must be readable!
  • Luca App – to check in to the hotel and / or stadium resp. at Control Point 1 (Teltow)
  • German Corona warning app (can be downloaded once you are in Germany)

For the relay teams: Please note that each member of the relay team has to fully complete the contact information sheet and needs to present a negative test result as explained above (fully vaccinated or recovered is considered sufficient). The contact information sheets from all relay team members need to be compiled and presented either on Friday at H4 Hotel or on Saturday at the stadium when the bibs are collected. If a relay team cannot present the entire set of fully completed contact information sheets (meaning one sheet per relay team members), the permission to start will be denied.

Unfortunately, we have to restrict the access to the stadium on Saturday from 4am to 8am to only runners and persons who are registered to accompany the runner (on bikes) – meaning only persons who are in a possession of a valid bib can enter.

Please note that it is also compulsory to wear a medical mask in the stadium. The mask may only be removed AFTER the starting signal AND the crossing of the starting line.

Breakfast in the stadium:

Due to the compulsory wearing of masks and the restrictions of gathering indoors, we are unfortunately unable to offer you breakfast. However, we will at least provide drinks such as coffee, tea and water so that no one has to get on the course thirsty.

Award ceremony:

Due to the increased limit of participants, the award ceremony for the relay teams CANNOT take place at the H4 Hotel as usual. Each relay team will receive their medals right after crossing the finish line at the stadium. The winning teams will be officially awarded at Sunday, 12noon in the stadium.

The award ceremony for all individual runners will take place as usual at H4 Hotel on Sunday, 2pm. Please note: A new negative Corona test (Antigen) is required for participation. Family members or friends unfortunately CANNOT attend the award ceremony due the applicable restrictions of number of persons.

Individual runners who are unable to join the award ceremony can collect their medal(s) on Sunday between 10am and 2pm in front of the H4 Hotel. A negative Corona Test (Antigen) is not required.

Further information:

For public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg, an FFP2 mask or KN95 mask is currently required!

We know that’s a lot of rules and regulations. Unfortunately, this is the only way that the event can take place. We – the organising team – are doing everything we can to ensure that the event is just as great as all previous Berlin 100 Miles races! And we know that’s exactly what you want too. And only with you can the 9th Berlin 100 Miles race become an unforgettable highlight. Please help us and respect the rules – even if it’s annoying sometimes. Together we will make it happen!!

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