What can my (bicycle) companion do for me?

Your registered companion may ride or run next to or behind you from VP 9, as long as he complies with the traffic regulations and does not hinder other participants. He can take care of himself and you at the VPs, coach you, motivate and praise you, and sometimes tell you where to go or that you should complain less – whatever you need at the time. He can carry your change of clothes, your night gear, your lucky charms and everything else you want with you. But he also has to have his own mandatory equipment with him.

Where can my (bicycle) companion start the race?

Accompaniment is only permitted from VP 9 onwards. The reason being, at the start and immediately afterwards, the crowd of runners is too dense and the course too narrow. An early appearance of your (bicycle) companion is a rule violation and will be punished. If you have registered two (cycling) companions, please note that the two must take turns and are never allowed to ride / run next to you at the same time.

What does my bike companion have to pay attention to on the way?

We cannot say it often enough, so at this point we will say it again: The road traffic regulations apply. That means: No riding on the sidewalk and no riding in one-way streets against the direction of traffic. When driving or stopping, no other running or traffic participant may be obstructed. Don’t forget to look over the shoulder and raise your hand to indicate turns or pulling out!

Special consideration is required at the VPs. Bicycles must be parked in a place where they do not hinder other runners and road users. So never lean the bike against the VP table or the portable toilet!

Can my companion finish with me?

Your companion can, but not his bike. Bicycles are not allowed inside the stadium, either before the start or at the finish line. Pushing the bike is also not possible. If you want to run across the finish line with your companion, he has to park his bike in a suitable place beforehand!

Can I have fans on the route?

Of course, you can have your fans on the course. However, they are not allowed to run or ride next to you for long distances. The VPs, the portable toilets and all other facilities of the Berlin Wall Race are only available to registered participants and (bicycle) companions – with start numbers.

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