The anticipation is rising…

…and to let you see what you can look forward to, we finally present the pictures of our finisher shirts and medals!

As a reminder: The single runners‘ shirt is a real finisher shirt, you will receive it at the finish line! If you are part of a relay, you can wear your shirt already during the race, provided that you buy it at the bib number pick up at the hotel at August 12th. So remember to tell your team captain the right size… or just come with the whole team for the fitting!

If you ask what all the colours on your shirt might mean, just look here: “Sonic Malade”. So you have another reason to keep on: At km 150 at East Side Gallery you can watch out for this motif.

Apart from the already presented anniversary medal for all participants and volunteers, of course there are medals for single runners and relays, buckles for those who finish in less than 24h hours and Back-to-Back-medals for those who finish the Berlin Wall Race the second year in a row.

We hope to have increased your anticipation again… at least we are really looking forward to you!

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